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BLAST KNUCKLES Stun Gun  950,000 Volts

The Blast Knuckles is made of no-slip, high-traction rubber with a full-grip design letting you get a good hold of the device. Furthermore, it also comes with dual lithium rechargeable batteries and a tactical holster. This stun gun additionally sports individual trigger and safety switches to prevent accidental discharges.

950,000 Volt Knuckles Stun Gun


With 950,000 volts, the attacker won�t know what hit them. The soft rubber grip gives the user full control and cannot be easily dropped or knock from your hand like many other stun guns.


  • 950,000 volts of "shock therapy".

  • Designed to fit even smaller hands.

  • Includes belt holster

  • Has a safety on/off switch to prevent accidental discharge.

  • Measures: 4-1/4" x 3-1/4".

  • Uses Two CR123A Lithium batteries. (included)

BLAST KNUCKLES Stun Gun  950,000 Volts
our Price $ 56.50


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