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Self Defense Weapons

In the realm of personal defense, it is a popular misnomer that protecting one�s self requires the ability to fight. Over the decades, women�s self-defense, martial arts and street fighting classes have been promoted and touted as the ways to ensure personal safety. Contrary to these fallacies, self defense weapons represent authentic security.

Despite, the controversy surrounding personal weaponry protection, it serves as a psychological deterrent to thwart potentially dangerous situations. For instance, during moments of danger, self defense weapons lend more confidence than personal safety classes. Just because a victim can knee and kick their way through a threatening situation, does not mean that an assailant will not resort to using a gun or knife. Consequently, self defense weapons feature another level of safety.

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Police Force
10 Million Volts

Stun Baton Flashligh

 NEW Technology
Stun Master

Stun Gun

Million Volts

Cell Phone Stun Gun
The Pretender
4.5 Million Volts

Zap Stun Baton Flashlight Rechargeable
1 Million Volts

Taser� Stun Guns     Can Stop a Threat Up to 15 Feet Away
Taser� C2
Taser� M26C
Taser� X26C

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