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Taser� Stun Master Stun Guns Streetwise Stun GunsZAP Stun GunsStun Guns Stun Master Stun Batons Streetwise Batons
Streetwise Stun Guns

Streetwise stun guns have more features than any other stun gun on the market. It is so loud and powerful, just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright bolt of electric current explodes between the prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. Streetwise Stun Guns are one of the highest quality brands available and come with a life-time warranty

Police Force 8,500,000 Tactical Police Force 8,500,000 Tactical
Stun Flashlight Gun Metal

Item #

Your Price $ 47.95
Stun Master Stun Gun 300V

The best compact tactical Stun Flashlight on the market today. Although it is only about 6.5 inches long its packs the power normally reserved for units twice its size. Using advanced technology to create a superior tactical stun flashlight,
Lifetime Warranty
Streetwise Blackout Stun Gun Streetwise Blackout Stun Gun
4 Million Volts Rechargeable

Item # SF4000RB

Your Price $
Stun Master Stun Gun 300V

The �stunningly slim� design of Blackout 4,000,000 is 20% smaller than other mini stun guns. Lifetime Warranty
Touchdown Stun Gun 7.5 Million Volts - Rechargeable
Item # SWT7500R

Your Price $ 45.95
Stun Master Stun Gun 300V

The Touchdown 7.5 Million Volts is the newest member of the Streetwise �Arsenal� of Stun Guns.
Lifetime Warranty
Perfume Protector  Stun Gun
1 Million Volts - Rechargeable


Your Price $ 32.95

Stun Master Stun Gun 300V

This compact yet powerful streetwise stun gun is designed for the man you want to keep out of your life.
Lifetime Warranty
Keychain Stun Gun 5 Million Volts Rechargeable Black or Pink Keychain Stun Gun 6  Million Volts Rechargeable Black or Pink

Our Price $35.99
Stun Master Stun Gun 300V

Powerful keychain stun gun is about the same size as a keychain pepper spray.
Lifetime Warranty
Streetwise 500k Volt Stun Gun
w/ Alarm and Holster

Item # SW500

Our Price $35.95
Stun Master Stun Gun 300,000 Volts

The Streetwise 500,000 volt mini stun gun is the smallest most powerful single battery 400k unit on the market. You will love the compact size and awesome power this little stun gun puts out. Lifetime Warranty
Stun Master Stun GunsZAP Stun Guns Stun Master Stun Batons Streetwise Stun Guns Streetwise Batons

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Police Force
10 Million Volts

Stun Baton Flashligh

 NEW Technology
Stun Master

Stun Gun

Million Volts

Cell Phone Stun Gun
The Pretender
4.5 Million Volts

Zap Stun Baton Flashlight Rechargeable
1 Million Volts

Taser� Stun Guns     Can Stop a Threat Up to 15 Feet Away
Taser� C2
Taser� M26C
Taser� X26C

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