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Taser� Stun Master Stun Guns Streetwise Stun GunsZAP Stun GunsStun Guns Stun Master Stun Batons Streetwise Batons
Streetwise  Stun Baton  
Expandable Rechargeable
3 Million Volts

►Extends from 12.5 to 21 inches  ►Built-in 2 LED lights  ►Ear piercing 130 decibel alarm
►Super bright LED flashlight  ►Holster
with belt loop  ►Safety switch prevents accidental discharge.
Rechargeable, AC adapter for recharging is included
   ►Life time warranty


For those who want to defend themselves from a safe distance the Streetwise 1000K Expandable Rechargeable Stun Baton with light is the perfect choice. It extends from 12.5 inches to 21 and one-quarter inches with the touch of a button to surprise a potential attacker. As a bright electric current pulsates up and down the top 12 inches it creates an intimidating electrical sound that can often stop a would-be attacker in his tracks. If the sight and sound of the electric current are not enough to stop him a jolt from the 1000k stun gun certainly will! In addition to the powerful 1000k stun gun this unit also features an ear piercing 130 decibel alarm and a super bright LED flashlight. These three levels of protection allow for self-defense by sounding the powerful alarm, blinding the attacker with the light or using the stun feature. The SWEB1000R is rechargeable; AC adapter for recharging is included. A holster with belt loop is included for easy carrying. A safety switch prevents accidental discharge. Streetwise Security stun batons are of the highest quality and come with a life time warranty.

Streetwise Stun Baton  
Expandable Rechargeable
3 Million Volts

Item # SWEB3000R
Your Price $ 59.99


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