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Zap Stun Baton Flashlight

1,000,000 Volts Rechargeable

The Ultimate Stun Gun! Features an Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight. Packs over 1 million volts of stopping power into a very compact and ergonomic design and it is fully rechargeable with a long battery life. Perfect for law enforcement or dangerous situations

ZAP Stun Batons

ZAP Stun Baton Features:

  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery

  • 4 Points of shock contact; tip, both sides and handle

  • Soft rubber coating for secure grip

  • Includes recharging cord

  • High quality holster with metal belt clip

  • Only 11.5 inches long.

The ZAP Stun Baton also has multiple "live" stun zones. The end has two prongs as all stun guns do, then there is a stun plate on each side of the stun gun and finally there is also a stun gun built into the knuckle guard making it nearly impossible for the stun baton to be taken from you.

Zap Stun Baton Flashlight
1,000,000 Volts Rechargeable
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Stun Master Stun Guns ZAP Stun Guns Stun Master Stun Batons
Streetwise Batons


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10 Million Volts

Stun Baton Flashligh

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Stun Master

Stun Gun

Million Volts

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4.5 Million Volts

Zap Stun Baton Flashlight Rechargeable
1 Million Volts

Taser� Stun Guns     Can Stop a Threat Up to 15 Feet Away
Taser� C2
Taser� M26C
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